Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Welcoming Miss Mabel Mae

How did I let three weeks pass by without so much as mentioning Mabel?  We are having so much fun with the addition of a puppy to the family, although Kevin and I seem to have different definitions of fun  ðŸ˜‰

Backing up a couple weeks, here's the story of how Mabel came to be:

I've been thinking about a puppy for a while now.  No, it's not baby fever; I really wanted my kids to have a dog growing up (it's one of those "I didn't have one as a kids, so I wanted to when I become a parent" type thing).  Kevin, however, was not on the same page (he seems to like this thing called "down time"...) but after some serious discussion (as well as spamming him almost daily with puppy pictures) we decided this spring would be a great time for the addition.

We looked at a of couple breeds (English Labs and English Cream Golden Retrievers being the front runners), but ultimately fell in love with the temperament of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Once we settled on the breed, I was sure I wanted a BIG male Berner, but after coming across Mabel's 6 week old picture, I was hooked.  Her name was Phoebe and she lived with her litter mates (4 girls, 2 boys) with her breeder in Ohio.  We spoke with the breeder a few times, and after a FaceTime call with she and the kids, we decided this girl was for us!

Fast forward just a couple days and Mabel was on a flight from Ohio to Seattle.  We originally had a 3pm Sunday flight planned, but with crate measurements off by just an inch, she missed her flight and arrived that evening at 11:54pm.

She came to us a bit shaken but cuddly.  We tried sleeping her in the crate her first night, but she was too disoriented and scared.  Kevin ended up sleeping with her on his chest which finally put her at ease.

The first few days we took her everywhere (we still make cameos at St Joe's where she has quite the fan base!) and she slept as much as she could.

We are now just a day shy of three weeks, and while we've cleaned up many accidents, been woken each night (except one!) and have yet another thing to train in this house, I wouldn't trade her for anything (Kevin may or may not feel the same 😉).

She gained 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks and is already much bigger than she was at 8 weeks.  Our small puppy days are numbered already!

Picking her up from the airport.  She rode home on my lap

Okay, we're home and it's 1am...now what?

Mabel's first morning cuddles with Kev

Day one.  We took her around the neighborhood to introduce her to our friends!

Hattie is still unsure

Shopping for doggie shampoo

First bath

Service dogs only, but no one seemed to mind an 8 week old pup 💕

Mabel and Sox

Mabel's Sip and See!

First trip to Gma and Gpa's!

She LOVES snow

Worn out after an afternoon gardening with me

This morning's accident / time out (look how big she already is!)

Alright, that should do it.  Any more pictures and I risk crashing the blog!

We love you, Miss Mabel Mae.

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