Monday, June 26, 2017


I'm finally getting around to the Disneyland post.  It was crazy timing with our trip planned the day after Mother's Day, and it seems summer started as soon as we got back, but I'm here at long last.

Being a crazed fan of surprises I knew I wanted to surprise the kids with this trip.  It was a bit much putting the kids down Mother's Day evening then spending the night packing, wrapping a surprise box, and getting everything ticked off the to-do list, but I honestly love nothing more.

We farmed off both Mabel and Ben the night before, so Monday morning we asked the kids to sit in the living room while we brought them a surprise.  With one of them on both sides of the box they opened it and out popped a Mickey Mouse balloon!

The initial reaction wasn't what I imagined (they were actually pretty confused - ha!) but after putting on a video about Disneyland while they ate breakfast, they were pumped and ready to go!

Fast forward an hour, some excitement over suitcases and which toys to pack, and we were off to the airport.

Believe it or not, he was actually really happy at this moment 😉

They loved the flight and did really well (I believe the cheese and fruit platter was the highlight 😉).

Since we planned a week for our trip we gave ourselves Monday and Friday for travel, so after getting in on Monday we had time to decompress, check out the hotel, then grab dinner at Downtown Disney.

George loved the top bunk!

They were so excited just being at Downtown Disney, I knew we were in for a treat Tuesday morning!

Tuesday started off with breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen, then we spent the morning at Disneyland and the afternoon at California Adventure.  The kids were thrilled!

Ready to go!

Taking a cab to Goofy's Kitchen

Posing like Minnie and Mickey outside The Disneyland Hotel

Their first sight of a character

Meeting Dale

Dale was Abigail's first signature in her book

Checking out the Beauty and the Beast lego sculpture outside the Lego store

In line to Disneyland!

Taking a car to the castle

First Vintage Mickey sighting

Riding to the castle, waving to the people

In line for our first ride

First Disney ride!

It's a Small World.  The ride I remember going on with my Dad when I was a little girl.

Much needed first day nap time

Wide eyed, riding Ariel's Grotto at Cali Adventure 
Meeting up with cousin Sandie and Doug!

Jelly fish ride with G

An awesome afternoon parade with all the Pixar characters

Dressing like Daddy
(aka, spending all his money on toys, so we weren't going to buy him a sweatshirt 😉)

Daddy's turn to party while G leads the way

Watching the big kids on California Screamin' (next time, bitsy girl)

Their first cotton candy, enjoyed while watching The World of Color

Wednesday was suppose to be our pool day, but temperatures never got past the mid-60s so we spent the morning at the pool letting George swim (he was the only one inertested in such endeavors), then spent the afternoon at Downtown Disney having lunch and going to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie.

Later in the day we took a break from Disney related things and headed to Anaheim Packing House to have dinner.  We ate amazing BBQ at Georgia's and had snow pops for dessert at I Am Smoothie.

Thursday it was back to the parks!

This time we spent the morning at California Adventure (which for sure was our preferred park) and the afternoon at Disneyland.  Highlights from the day include the Radiator Springs ride at Cars Land, Mickey's Fun Wheel, and meeting some Disney princesses.

First ride of the day - Toy Story Mania

These two were fearless - I was freaking out!

Cars Land!!


Radiator Springs!

Yep, we caved and bought the $20 bubble wand (which OF COURSE broke before we got home)

Waiting in line for Star Tours (Abigail got really scared during this ride.  no fun)

some pretty tasty beignets

After that Star Wars ride, this girl was pumped for Winnie the Pooh 😉

not even 4pm..

Pirates!! (Kevin's favorite ride as a kid)

Sitting with our treats, ready for the parade

We had such a wonderful time.

Yes it was expensive and a bit crowded, but we all felt that magical Disney spirit and were so happy we spent the week exploring the parks with the big kids.

Give it another 2 years and we'll be plotting our next trip; this time Benny will be old enough to come along!

Thanks for the memories, Disney.  You sure do it right!