Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Three and a Half

George-o, you're 3.5 and we celebrated with a dinner of your choosing: pancakes and oranges!

It feels like such a long time coming, but the idea of you being 4 in six months makes me ridiculously sentimental.

You started talking so much these past 6 months and we're learning what a funny, dramatic guy we always suspected you were.  When you get mad you tell us we're breaking your heart; when you're happy or excited you say things like "I SUPER happy Mommy!" or "Awww, tanks Mommy, dis make me weally HAPPY", the infamous "dat AWESOME!"; or your hilarious half-assed apology "I sorry Mama" without an ounce of regret.

You're pretty much the snarliest little person in the world, and I adore this about you.

Here's what's been going on these past 6 months:

  • On New Years Day you went from calling Sissy "Two" to "Abi-dale"
  • You love Elena of Avalor but get so mad when we sing the theme song to the tune of "Georgina of Issaquah"
  • Dory, Wishbone, PJ Masks, and Paw Patrol have been the recent favorites (in that order).  Trains are practically a thing of the past, although Talking Gordon had quite the run.
  • You love YouTube videos of kids playing with obscene amounts of toys and usually come away from the shows demanding new toys yourself.  I see nothing positive about "Ryan's Toy Review" 😒
  • You love watching traffic lights and telling me when I should go or stop.  You typically tell me a red light is now green when you get sick of waiting.  
  • "C'mon lady!!" is another of your backseat driving tactics.
  • Around Christmas you started saying "Dis so nummy in my tummy!" but when we started saying it too, you replied "no!  Santa say that"  (apparently only Santa says this about his cookies at Christmastime..)
  • This has since past, but for a while you insisted that the letter S was a 5, and when singing it the ABCs you would say: "Q R FIVE T U V"  You always said it extra loud to remind us of our error.
  • Speaking of academics, you enjoy counting and usually repeat "14, 14, 14, 14" in an attempt to get more out of something (usually more time to play before we leave somewhere)
  • Also, in the world according to George, three means two "mama, I want free vitamins" as you hold up two fingers and happily receive two.  I'm almost afraid of what you'd say if I actually gave you three 😉
  • You hate when people imitate you and roll your eyes so hard they disappear.  If we laugh, you freak out.
  • You would eat your weight in vitamins daily if I let you.  Same goes for fish oil and enzyme chewables.
  • You call all blood and runny noses a bloody nose.
  • Ben is growing on you a bit, but truthfully you could cope in life without him "Ben Ben stinks" is usually what you say about both he and his room 😁  It's not nice, but it is kinna funny.
George, I adore you beyond words.  You are determined, strong willed, adventurous, and adorably stubborn; such a fun mix to parent each day.

Happy 3.5 Georgia Boy.  You are so LOVED!

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