Wednesday, March 22, 2017

eighteen months

Alright buddy - your turn!

I'm not sure I'll ever get use to back to back birthdays (especially in my world, where every birthday is the biggest deal ever), but I clearly need to adapt.

Benny, you are such a spirited, funny, perceptive guy.  You light up a room with your smile and curiosity, and have been learning things these past few months faster than I remember your siblings doing.  

You're my little sponge!

Here's what's new on this, your 1.5 birthday:
  • You love kissing and hugging (a LOT).  Straight mouth to mouth, and full arms around me hugs.  It's the sweetest
  • When getting ready you grab all your coats.  You love cuddling with them on my shoulder as we walk out to the car.
  • You scream to get attention.  Given your birth order, this comes as no surprise, but your decibel level is alarming (think rape whistle).
  • You walk around with your stool to access most everything: the junk drawer where you love playing with glue sticks and pencils, and the kid's utensil draw are your two favorites.
  • You always want to be held.  ALWAYS.
  • Everyone in this family loves to eat, but you my friend, get hangry.  Danny DeVito could be your double in the Snickers commercial, no doubt.
Another 6 months and we'll be celebrating your second birthday....where have all my babies gone?!

I love you so much Benny Boy - you are my light!

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